Vietnamese Foods

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Vietnamese Foods.
Vietnamese cuisine can be very diverse due its geography and climate. There is no accurate average temperature for the whole country. The Vietnamese national culture emerged from a concrete living environment: a tropical country with many rivers and the confluence of great cultures (Vietnam Country). Vietnam is a long, narrow country in Southeast Asia that borders South China, east of Laos and Cambodia. Vietnam is practically the size of Italy and Japan put together and is divided into three regions: north, central, and south.  

Vietnam has a variety of types of food for every occasion, from an everyday meal to New Year’s festivities food. The flavor of the Vietnamese food varies from sweet, sour, salty, and spicy. However, rice, the mainstay of the Vietnamese diet, is grown throughout the country but particularly in the Red River delta in the north and Mekong River delta in the south. As Vietnam’s population started to increase, farmers had to produce quicker as well, making Vietnam the third country to produce the most rice. In fact, the Vietnamese people say that their country resembles a bamboo pole (the narrow central region) with a basket of rice at each end.(Food in Vietnam) Rice is eaten almost every day in the Vietnamese diet. Even though three-fourths of country is either a hill or mountain, the long waterway along the country provides a small variety of seafood like fish or shrimp. Among the variety of sauces, the most famous and popular sauce is called nuoc mam and it is called fish sauce in English. Of course the name “fish sauce” doesn’t sound too pleasant, but the taste is irreplaceable. Fish sauce is a liquid condiment derived from fish that are ferment. The most common fish to make fish sauce in Vietnam is anchovies. Fish sauce has its unique salty taste. There are variety ways of using this sauce. This fish sauce is also commonly used as a dipping sauce as ketchup is in America. The dipping fish sauce would be diluted with other ingredients like: boiled water, sugar, a little vinegar, lime, and some peppers. Another way fish sauce can be used is to balance out some of Vietnam’s delicious cuisine. Some say that fish sauce is their secret recipe.

Pho is the most popular dish among the Vietnamese society. What is pho? Well Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup, but there are two type of common pho and that is Pho Bo (beef noodle soup) and Pho Ga (chicken soup). Pho Bo is beef broth and that is made by the stewing of cow bones in a large pot for quite some time. Pho Ga is very similar to Pho Bo. Instead of beef broth, it is made of chicken broth and that is made from stewing chicken. The noodle itself is made from varieties of rice. However, the ingredients and toppings may vary a slight bit in the North and the South.  And that is topped with numerous herbs like: lime, bean sprout, mint leaves, basil green onions, and several other vegetables or fruit. This dish is absolutely refreshing and warming for the soul.  With the brutal cold, pho was home of the North. Pho is normally eaten for breakfast, but many people eat it at lunch, or even dinner.

The spiciest food is in Central Vietnam. Here, everything consists of abundant spices like chili pepper and color foods. The food here is hotter and spicier. Spring rolls and Bun Bo Hue are commonly eaten. A spring roll contains fresh meat or fish, fruits and vegetables, and then is wrapped in edible rice paper. Bun Bo Hue is a very spicy beef vermicelli noodle. This dish’s broth consists of mainly simmering beef bones and beef shank. As for topping fresh herbs such as cilantro sprigs, diced green onions, lime wedges, raw sliced onions, raw sliced chili or very spicy chili sauce.

Southern Vietnamese people prefer simple cooking and using the natural resources. The climate in Southern Vietnam is more productive. The temperature is high all year long, making the growth of crops and farming more accessible. Therefore, this part of Vietnam is...
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