Vietnamese Culture

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  • Published : September 27, 2011
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Name: Kevin
Class: Speaking and Listening_2D
Date: Feb_07
Vietnamese Culture
I- Introduction
My country, Vietnam has a long culture about 4000 years of history. Hung king is person that discovered my country. The culture of my country was affected by the culture of communist nations such as the Soviet Union, China, Cuba and others. Since the 1990s, my country has seen a greater exposure to Southeast Asian, European and American culture and media. My culture also took shape specific cultures about clothing, food, sport and art. II- Body

1/ Clothing: There are a lot of customer clothes that were developed in feudal dynasties of Vietnamese history. * Traditional clothes of Vietnam have always been very diverse depending on the era and occasion. * Today, Áo Dài is worn for special occasions such as weddings or festivals. White Áo Dài is the required uniform for girls in many high schools of Vietnam. In daily life, the traditional Vietnamese styles are now replaced by Western styles. Traditional clothing is worn instead on special occasions, with the exception of the white Áo dài commonly seen with high school girls in Vietnam. * Wedding: after the Nguyễn Dynasty women began to wear elaborate Áo dài for their weddings. The style of the Nguyễn Dynasty has remained popular and is still used in current-day Vietnamese wedding attire. 2/ Food:

* Vietnamese cuisine uses very little oil and many vegetables. The main meals are often based on rice, fish sauce. * Every area of Vietnam has special foods which represent that area. Such as Phở is in The North, Bún Bò Huế is in The Middle, Canh chua cá lóc and Xèo cake are in The South, etc * Tropical fruit such as durian, sugar-apple, star-apple, mangosteen are the most popular in my country. 3/ Sports and arts:

* Vovinam and Bình Ðịnh martial arts are two popular Vietnamese martial arts practiced by many within Vietnam. * Soccer is the most popular team sport in Vietnam, and famous in...
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