Vietnamese and English Greetings

Topics: Computer virus, Antivirus software, Trojan horse Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Hello every one. It’s good to see you all here. Let me introduce myself, I’m Pham Van Dien from Foreign Trade University. As some of you know, I’m the employee of Bkav corporation. And, of course, today’s topic is Anti-virus software of Bkav corporation. My topic will be very important for you because I think everybody here have at least a computer and have got problems with them. Today I’ll be showing you about Anti-virus products details of Bkav corporation. I’ve divided my presentation into two parts. I’ll start off by introducing briefly about Bkav corporation, then I’ll move on to Anti-virus products. My presentation will take about 10 minutes. I can email the Powerpoint presentation to anybody who wants it. There will be time for questions after my presentation. Now, let’s get started. In this part of my presentation, I’d like to introduce about Bkav corporation. Bkav was founded by Nguyen Tu Quang in 2001.This is the corporation which research, create and develop Information Technology products, especially Anti-virus software, for PC users. Through many years of operation with a staff of experienced, Bkav has produced antivirus products international level. Bkav has achieved many awards in both national and international: champion 2 times "Product safety information is the most popular users in 2010”, “ Top 10 typical characters of Vietnam ICT during the period 2000-2009… on August 2010, Bkav also has been certified by VB100. This is the first time Anti-virus software of Vietnam has achieved world class. Next, I’ll move on to introduce some famous Anti-virus software of Bkav corporation. First, It’s Bkav Pro 2011. Bkav Pro Internet Security anti-virus software is a pioneer in using cloud computing technologies, to be certified by VB100 world class organization leading inspection Virus Bulletin certification. Combining technology and intelligent anti-virus technology to protect Internet access, Bkav Pro has advantages optimal that the free version has...
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