Vietnam Impact on American Citizens

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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Vietnams Impact on American Citizens
The Vietnam War had a large effect on American citizens. The Vietnam war lasted 10 years, over 2.5 million people died and millions were injured. There were more bombs dropped in the Vietnam War than in all of WWII. There has yet to be another war that has caused Americans to lose confidence in the national government and become as divided as the Vietnam War did. The Vietnam War changed the lives of the American soldiers and citizens’ like no other war has. The Vietnam put America under complete chaos, it caused citizens to lose pride and trust in the government.

The Vietnam War was a war that many Americans did not believe in. The war had begun due to a claim that North Korea had attacked us at the Gulf of Tonkin. Although there was no proof that they had done this Kennedy decided to push towards war. There were 2 major groups during the war. Hawks, were a group of people that supported the war, they wanted to fight to destroy communism. The Hawks included people that wanted to fight for a limited purpose, peace, rather than a victory in Vietnam (Brigham). The second major group was the Doves. The Doves were a group of people that were against the war, they believed that none of this was America’s problem. The Doves included antiwar protesters, college students and faculty, liberal Democrats, and many other people in various walks of life who felt that the war was immoral. They felt that the war had no benefit to the US, and that it only caused high casualty rates (Brigham). At the start of the war, the US president had the American people believing that they had to go to war. Vietnam was communist, and that's all that mattered. America had thousands of men and each of them believed that they were fighting to protect their country. However they eventually realized that the entire reason behind the war was flawed (Brigham).

The US was under complete chaos. There were riots and protests bursting out left and right. Each...
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