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A. Vietnam Higher Education Overview
I. Recognition
At first, we have to admit that there is a significant increasing in demand for Higher Education in Vietnam. The most obvious reason for this can be the tremendous grows of economic and it not changing pace. As the economic grows, it both give people more money to spend on education and also make companies having more incentive to hire high-skill workers. Having a high demand for education is good news for every country since it prove that people want to be more productive in the future. Surely, if all people want to make more money for their own, it usually will make their country richer also. However, it will be too optimist if we only thing about the demand side. As Adam Smith once wrote, the economic is defined by two lines - Demand and Supply. There is some concern about the Supply side for the Higher Education in Vietnam. To be honest, although the number of university in Vietnam keeps increasing, it seems that our HE is still nowhere near the First-class performer. There are many reasons that keep our HE unable to develop to reach its maximum potential. One of them can be point out from the Policy section, where government tends to control to much over universities, especially the budget for education. II. Vietnam Education from 1986 to now.

The year 1986 marked one of the most important even that happened in Vietnam - The "Doi moi". In more than 20 year, the Higher Education system in Vietnam has expanded in both scale and scope. The number of Higher Education Institution increase. They also change the way they use to work - The number of muti-major institution are overwhelming the specialized institution. As the table Show below, from 1999 to 2011, the total number of Higher Education Instruction has doubled, creating more opportunities for people to enroll the Higher education. Another report from the Ministry of Education and Training indicate that right now - the year 2012, there is total 419 Institution in Vietnam. Over ninety percent of them are classifying as University. Three of them can be considered as large-scale universities, with over 50,000 student attend. Also, 80 of them are non-public university.

| 1999-2000| 2000-2001| 2001-2002| 2002-2003| 2003-2004| 2004-2005| 2005-2006| 2006-2007| INSTITUTION| 153| 178| 191| 202| 214| 230| 255| 322| College| 84| 104| 114| 121| 127| 137| 151| 183|

Public| 79| 99| 108| 115| 119| 130| 142| 166|
Non Public| 5| 5| 6| 6| 8| 7| 9| 17|
University| 69| 74| 77| 81| 87| 93| 104| 139|
Public| 52| 57| 60| 64| 68| 71| 79| 109|
Non Public| 17| 17| 17| 17| 19| 22| 25| 30|
Table 1: The number of Vietnam Higher Education Institution from 1999 to 2007 Source: The Ministry of Education and Training (Website: )

You can also see that the number of non-public institution keeps increasing and gradually taking an important part in the Higher Education industry. Although it still not a main part like other developed country, it is still good if compare to those last year - From 14% year 2000 to 19% year 2011 ( 80 out of 415 institutions ) Graph 1: The Number of HE Institution

It seems there was a peak in the year 2006 - When Vietnam joins the WTO. Along with the number of Institution, the number of student enroll school also increase. In the year 1993, there was only 162,000 student study in Higher Education. Now, the number is more than 2,000,000 students. The Higher Education - once only for the very elite - now provide its education for wider population. Also, the percent rate of female among student keep increasing from 43% to about 50%. That give us a prove that female now have equal chance as male to get a high-skill training for the job afterward. It also shows the trend for the job in the future - Shifting from hand-doing to brain-thinking job.

Table 2: The number of student...
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