Vietnam Healthcare System Ideas

Topics: Vietnam, Cambodia, Vietnam War Pages: 1 (358 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Hung Nguyen

Vietnamese Health-care System Ideas.

Do you know reasons the Vietnamese’s Health-care System has a lower cost than many countries? Follow some ideas will let you know about that. Before 1995, Viet Nam is the poor country in the Southeast Asia has been influenced for many years of war between North and South Viet Nam. . After the war finished, The United Nations and several countries in the world like the United States, United Kingdom, France, Japan, Korea, China, etc… were helping for Viet Nam to rebuild in many fields in Vietnam included the Vietnamese Health-care System, too. Today, the most of eighty-six million people in Viet Nam had the basic benefits of health-care for their lives. However, Vietnamese's geography has divided for many places, and they did not have similar conditions. Several cities in highland, countryside, minorities are people live in nearby borders of China; Laos; Kampuchea had simple services of the health-care system because their lack of facilities and equipments, lots of roads are not built finished yet. In another hand, different with China and several countries in the world Vietnamese had experienced over many years of war, so the Health-care System has provided many doctors; nurses, and now five Medicine Universities at three big cities in Viet Nam had been building. Furthermore, in Vietnamese culture has plenty of Herbal Medicine researchers are the significant methods to service for people with lower cost than China, Thailand, or the United States. Service for the health-care of Children in schools is the most important for the Vietnamese Government. Zen, Yoga and many Physical training clubs were helping for adults exercised by themselves. Today, Vietnamese people are taller, stronger, and smarter than before. Vietnamese Doctors, Nurses, and Vietnam's medicine products you can find them for treatment in lots of Hospitals in the world or in the United States. In conclusion, traveling to Vietnam is the...
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