Vietnam Folk Games

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Vietnam folk games

Vietnam folk games have been formed and existed for a long time. They are more than entertainment, they contain Vietnamese culture. Bamboo jacks, the game of the dragon and snake, blind man’s buff, the game of squares and so on are very interesting and useful. However, folk games are being gradually lost. Children are at a disadvantage, if they don’t have a chance to play them. So it is very important to introduce and develop folk games to the children and everybody as well.

1/ The origin of Vietnam folk games:
Vietnam folk games have been created and developed naturally through daily activities in the countryside. They are usually simple, easy to join and cheap, so we can play them anytime, anywhere. Small areas can be used for marbles, skipping rope, bamboo jacks (passing a ball from hand to hand with bamboo sticks) and shuttlecock kicking. Finding and making tools to play are also easy. Most of them are taken from the wild. With just some stones picking on the road, you can play the game of Squares .If you want to play Bamboo jacks, you just need to have your parents sharpen some bamboo sticks for you or you can use some chopsticks to play. You can even play a game without anything. Children often play Blind man’s bluff or the game of the Dragon-Snake while leading the buffalo to the field. After a day of hard work, the farmers gather with their family at the front yard to relax, enjoy the fresh atmosphere. The adults talk about their daily activities, crops and the future. The children play folk games together. Folk games are not just for entertainment, they help develop creativity while improving children’s health and attitudes towards friends, family and the country. On the other hand, Vietnam folk games derived from the special poems, which are one of the most unique literature types of ethnic. Most folk games are accompanied by songs, which are passed down orally among children. Each game has an individual song to illustrate the action. They are easy to remember with funny accompanying melodies to make the games more lively and fun. These poems are freely created with simple rhythm and they can be a short or a long one or repeated without end. Their poem are composed by a separate logic, sometimes they don’t have any meaning. But no matter what the children still can keep following both lyrics and rhythm and at the end it will lead to unexpected results: the reverse, irrational(vô lý) things. For example, in Nu Na Nu Nong , children will say like that : Nu na nu nống / Cái trống nằm trong/ Con ong nằm ngoài/ Củ khoai chấm mật / Phật ngồi phật khóc / Con cóc nhảy ra / Con gà ú ụ / Bà mụ thổi xôi / Nhà tôi nấu chè / Tè he chân rụt . We can see a lot of example in other games, such as Cat and mouse, the game of square, the game of the Dragon- snake, teetotum (con quay) , battle of the chicken. 2/ Some kinds of Vietnam folk game:

There are many kinds of Vietnam folk game. They are in accordance with the interests, personalities of many different people such as lively, calm or cool. Each game has its own rules and nuance (sắc thái). Children can play them all day without getting bored. *Nu na nu nong : This is a girls’ game. Several girls sit side by side with their legs stretched out. The head of the game recites a song; at each word, she uses her hand to touch another girl’s leg or foot. There are several variations of the song, all of which start with the alliterative(lặp âm đầu) nonsense phrase nu na nu nong. One example goes as: Nu na nu nong

Danh trong phat co (Beat the drums and raises the flags) Mo hoi thi dua (Open the festival to compete) Chan ai sach se (The ones whose feet are clean) Got do hong hao (Their heels are pink)

Khong ban ti nao (And have no dirt)
Duoc vao danh trong (Are allowed to beat the drums)

As she sings the last word, the girl...
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