Vietnam Dbq Essay

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Vietnam DBQ Essay
While some argue that America was right and has just justification for entering the war to preserve democracy and to fight for some greater good for peace it is quite simple to see that the U.S involvement in the Vietnam War was greatly unjustified, due to the fact that the war was originally a civil war between two different governments in Vietnam, in addition to that the majority of Vietnam’s citizens were on the “enemy’s” side. The only reason American leaders stayed in it so long was that they didn’t be want to be seen as cowards to other countries and wanted to keep their never surrender look to the public because they were already too deep into the war. Vietnam was having their own civil war initially. It was essentially a war for a communist government or a democratic government. However it was not a war for us to fight. The U.S didn’t know how many troops or how long it would take to get rid of the communists there (Doc.3). Also it was a war that as it went on the more and more it started to become a downhill battle, troops were losing morale, losing many lives and our goals weren’t clear (Doc.6). We attacked Vietnam for no legitimate reason. They didn’t attack us nor was America threatened by North Vietnam. As a country we believed at the time according to LBJ that we fight to live in a world where each country and its PEOPLE may choose its own destiny (Doc.1). Apparently the quote does not apply to Vietnam. If this is what we believed then why did we fight in Vietnam? The majority of the Vietnamese population actually supported Ho Chi Minh, which not only made us contradict ourselves but also made it even more unjust and hard to fight in (Doc.2), it is also worth mentioning that for the people in Vietnam that didn’t support communism also opposed their other option, the south Vietnamese democratic government because it was corrupt. Due to the weak support in Vietnam the U.S fought alone and also fought a guerilla...
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