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Vietnam’s personality has been outline by long-running differences, both internally and externally with foreign foes. The first nation of Vietnam being recorded is the Van Lang Nation, founded by the ancient Viet race in the North. The most famous king is Hung King. In 3 B.C, another nation was found by Au Duong Vuong and named Au Lac Nation. The historical remain of Co Loa Citadel is the evidence. In Central Vietnam, another kingdom of Champa emerged from Sa Hyun culture around 2 B.C. THE CHINESE DOMINATION (111 BC - 936 AD)

The Au Lac Nation was conquered by Nan Yue in 179 BC, who was eventually overtaken by the Chinese Han Empire. In 111 BC, the Han Empire dominates the Au Lac Nation. This dominion lasted over a thousand years with consecutive Chinese dynasties such as Sui and Tang. The Chinese domination greatly influenced the Vietnam philosophy, culture, religions and almost every aspect of Vietnamese life. It was not until 936 AD, that the Chinese armies were defeated at Bach Dang River, which ended their dominion over the Vietnamese culture. THE INDEPENDENCE FROM CHINA

After the liberation from Chinese domination, successive dynasties followed by Ngo, Dinh and Pre-Le Dynasty with the period from 939-1009 AD. Over this time, Chinese Empire made many invasions, but repulsed. THE LY DYNASTY & TRAN DYNASTY (1009-1400 AD)

During this period, Vietnam rose into a powerful nation with much development in various areas such as agricultures, trading, religions, and cultures with prevailing of Buddhism and Confucianism. They were able to resist the assaults from Chinese Sung Dynasty as well as Mongolians. THE HO DYNASTY (1408-1428 AD) & CHINESE DOMINATION (1400-1407 AD) The decline began since late Tran Dynasty which was overthrown by Ho Dynasty who took power during 1400-1407, but Ho did not last long. Vietnam once again was conquered by Chinese invasion under Ming Empire who ruled Vietnam from 1408-1428. The Chinese Ming Army met strong resistance...
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