VietinBank: Overview

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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Banking individual Assignment

Name: Phạm Quang Hiếu
ID: FB00517
Class: FB0605

SECTION 1: Overview about VietinBank - Đong Đa
1.1. Process develop of VietinBank
* VietinBank was established in 1988 after being separated from State Bank of Vietnam. * Being one of the four largest State-owned commercial banks of Vietnam, VietinBank’s total assets account for over 20 percent of the market share of the whole Vietnamese banking system. VietinBank’s capital resources keep on increasing over the years and have been substantially rising since 1996 with the annual average growth of 20 percent, especially up 35 percent a year against that of last year. * VietinBank has developed an operations network comprising of 01 Transaction Centers, 150 branches, over 1000 transaction offices/ savings offices. Has established correspondent relationship with 900 banks, financial institutions of 90 countries and territories all over the world. * Being diversified with 07 independent accounting subsidiaries: VietinBank Leasing Company, VietinBank Securities Company, VietinBank Asset Management Company, VietinBank Insurance Company,  VietinBank Fund Management Company, VietinBank Gold and Jewellery Company, VietinBank Global Money Transfer Company and 03 non-profit making units: VietinBank Information Technology Center, VietinBank Card Center and VietinBank Training Center. * Being the founder of the following Financial Credit Institutions: * Saigon Bank for Commerce and Industry

* Indovina Bank (the first joint-venture bank in Vietnam) * Vietnam International Leasing Company – VILC (the first financial leasing company in Vietnam) * Vietinbank Insurance Company Ltd.

* Being the official member of :
* Vietnam’s Banker Association
* Asian Banker’s Association
* Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) * Visa International Services Association
* Being the first bank in Vietnam to apply modern technology and e-commerce in its banking operations. Mission
To become the leading fnancial and banking corporation in Vietnam that operates in diverse areas, as well as provides products and services that conform to international standards, aiming to improve the values of life. Vision

To become one of the most modern and efective fnancial and banking group in and outside the country. Core Values
* Customer-oriented operations;
* Dynamic, innovative, professional, devoted, transparent, modern; * Workers have the right to make their best efort and contribution – they have the right to receive rightful compensation – they have the right to pay homage to outstanding individuals and workers. Business Philosophy

* Safe, efective, sustainable, and in compliance with international standards; * United, ready to cooperate, share, and be socially responsible; * Your prosperity is our success.
Slogan: Improving the values of life.
1.2: Main Activities:
Savings Account
* Without term
* Term
* Other
Wire transferring
* Domestic VND wire transfer services
* Overseas wire transfer services
* Consumption loans
* Car loans
* Business loans
* Loans for Study Abroad/ Labour exportation
* Mortgates
Foreign currency trading
* Spot Exchange
* Forward exchange
* Foreign currency options
Account Services
* Your accounts opened with VietinBank will be managed safely, precisely and securely while earning attractive interest rates. Overseas remittance
* Vietinbank commit to provide the best overseas remittance service from foreign countries to Vietnam: Promptly – Conveniently– Safely – Low fee Card services
* VietinBank E-Partner
* Cremium Visa, Cremium Master

SECTION 2: Actual Situation business of VietinBank- Đống Đa 2.1 Results of activities and business of VietinBank Dong Da, 2009 and 2010 | 2010| 2009| variance|
| | | |
| | | | (%)|
(A)| (1)| (2)...
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