Vienna Settlement

Topics: Congress of Vienna, Germany, Europe Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: October 26, 2012

Fourth History Test: How far did the Vienna Settlement contribute to maintaining the peace in Europe in the period 1815-1914? The Vienna Settlement refers to a series of agreements made by the European powers at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. As the peace terms with France had already been decided by the Treaty of Paris (signed earlier on May 30, 1814), the Congress of Vienna was mainly concerned with solving the problems brought about by the Napoleonic wars. To solve these problems, the four European powers reached certain agreements at the Congress of Vienna on June 9, 1815. These settlements, consisting of both territorial and political ones, were commonly known as the Vienna Settlement. There were many factors contributing to maintaining of the peace of Europe in the period 1815-1914. One of them was the Vienna Settlement. However, there were other factors as well, for example the Congress System. To decide the extent the Vienna Settlement contributing to keeping European peace during 1815-1914, we have to find out which one of the above factors could remove the threat to peace sustainably. The more successful, the larger the extent, and vice versa. Not the entire Vienna Settlement contributing to maintaining of the peace of Europe in the period 1815-1914. Only those settlements relating to building the arc of containment around France, and to building an effective balance of power in Europe helped to keep peace of the time. To begin, the European powers built an arc of buffer states on the eastern borders of France at the Congress of Vienna. First, they joined Belgium with the Netherlands to form a new Kingdom known as the Kingdom of the United Netherlands. Then, they gave Prussia the Rhineland --- the land adjacent to the eastern borders of France. Finally, they strengthened the southeastern border state of France, Piedmont, by giving her two French provinces of Savoy and Nice. In building stronger buffer states along France’s eastern borders, the...
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