Vienna Congress

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The Vienna Congress

In this essay our purpose is to review the causes and consequences and how Vienna Congress impacted our present. We are going to talk about this reunion of all the European countries to reestablish the peace after the Napoleonic invasion. In this Congress, which was the first of its kind, all the representatives set apart their difference to work for common agreements and for the best of the European societies. The Congress of Vienna was an international meeting between ambassadors from the major European powers, took place in the Austrian capital, between May 2, 1814 and June 9, 1815.The objectives of the Congress was to settle the many issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars, the Napoleonic Wars, and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. Each country had a representative; it could be king or ruler of the country or a person chosen by him, this way every country could defend its interests and have a word in the decision-making process. The meeting had as basis two major principles: the principle of monarchical legitimacy and the principle of balance. The agreements were in effect in the territories of Central and Eastern Europe until the end of the First World War. This congress benefit many countries but at the same time, other ones suffered because of the decisions made by the people, it was like a war but in a really diplomatic way, some of them won but some of them lost. The importance of this event resided in the way problems were solved between the nations. Instead of fighting like they have been doing for over 100 years they sat down and talked and reached for agreements in a peaceful way trying to respect everybody’s interest. All of the above makes this assembly an episode of history worth of reviewing. Our country, in this case New Zealand, didn’t entered to the Congress of Vienna because it is in a whole different continent, but in this essay we are going to discuss about the context of this country in that time, how the people live, how the government was, and other matters in relation to this.

The French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars were a succession of wars between the years of 1792 and 1815 that confronted France against other European powers and that granted to France domination over a really big part of Europe. The revolutionary wars originally started to defend France, which had recently suffered the French Revolution, and then continued in order to spread the effects of this revolution. With time Napoleon’s rise to absolute power, and then French revolution lost its true sense to get rid of the absolutist king and was left as a simple war to expand influence and territory throughout Europe. Towards the end of the Napoleonic Empire, Napoleon’s army though numerous was getting worse prepared and had become a multinational mob which had French, Prussians, German, Italian and Polish. The Napoleonic invasion occupied Belgium, North Italy, few parts of Germany, Prussia, Poland, Portugal and Spain. The formation of the Napoleonic Empire reshaped the boundaries between the European countries. But after the first abdication of Bonaparte and the consequent weaken of France the powers such as Great Britain, Austria, Prussia and Russia had to establish how the borders would be resettled. With this purpose between the fall of 1814 and the summer of 1815 a Congress was held in the city of Vienna, Autria, in which all the European countries that were involved in the previous confrontation were present in order to reestablish order to the continent and a new power balance, reset boundaries and governments, and to return the peace and ensure this truce would last in Europe, they also wanted to maintain the status quo as a measure to avoid that anyone who wanted to emulate Napoleon succeeded. Each country had one representative who was in charge of looking after the interests of his country, in this case each country had their eyes on a different goal, some wanted...
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