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Table of Contents

Background of the glass industry4
History of Videocon Company15
Videocon Narmada glass industry25
Introduction to founding member27
Top managers of Videocon Company31
Vision and mission of the company31
Organizational design33
Organizational structure followed at videocon Narmada glass industry39
Departmentalization and its basis40
Departmentalization done in videocon Narmada glass unit43
Plant location46
Product portfolio47
Production process48
4 P’s of marketing58
Target customers60
Human resource63
Personal policies65
Following are the ways through which recruitment done in videocon Narmada glass industry74
Training and development74
Training and development in videocon Narmada glass industry76
Capital structure79
Capital structure of Videocon Company80

Profit and loss account81
Profit & Loss account of Videocon Industries81
Balance sheet82
Ratio analysis83
Corporate Social responsibility90
Following are the corporate social responsibility followed by Videocon Company91
Corporate social responsibility followed by Videocon Narmada glass unit93
Awards and achievements93
My perception about the company95
Things I have learnt from the industry95
S.W.O.T (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) analysis96


Background of the glass industry

What is Glass?
Glass is a hard, brittle, non-crystalline, more or less transparent substance produced by fusion, usually consisting of mutually dissolved silica and silicates that also contain soda and lime, as in the ordinary variety used for windows and bottles. (dictionary.reference, 2012) Glass is used for various purposes such as in building infrastructure, illuminating engineering, making of glass, bottles, windows for house kitchen cars etc., in medical operations and instruments etc.

What is glass industry?
The industry producing various kinds of glass and glass products such as sheet glass, optical glass, glass fiber, household glassware, glass containers, and various glass used in construction, illuminating engineering, and electrical engineering. (thefreedictionary, 2012)

Brief introduction to glass industry
About 450000 years ago nature itself created the first glass, when the volcanoes erupted and hot lava containing silica when came out as a result of eruption and cooled rapidly forming glasses as hard as a rock. This volcano glass is called obsidian. Thus the process of producing glass is not so complex one. That can be done using ordinary material which is easily available. People of Egypt knew how to produce glass 5000 years before. Researchers has found out that glass bottle used for perfume and ointment were been used 3500 years ago. At the era of Roman Empire man learnt how to form different objects using glass. Roman era is considered as golden era for evolution of glass industry. Later on new technologies replaced the old method of producing glass. The first automatic machine for blowing glass was invented in 1903 which paved the way for growth of glass industry. This automatic machine replaced the old method of blowing glass with free hands. This machine can turn out more bottles in one hour than six men doing free hand blowing in a day. This way revolution happened in the glass industry and today the glass industry is one of the biggest and important industries of the world. (en.oboulo, 2012)

Trends of glass industry

* Trends of glass industry in India
The glass industry in India is worth 5500 crore Rs. India mainly manufactures float glass and sheet glass. Glass industry in India has shown a good growth in past few quarters. The main reason for the growth of glass industry in India is increase in demand of user industry such as infrastructure, construction,...
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