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  • Published : May 24, 2013
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Christopher Blair
Question 11

English 12

The authors views of music videos and the hip hop commitment is sexist. She makes points on hose hip-hop in general degrades woman and demoralizes them in a derogatory way. I would like to touch base on the same subject matter but shed light in a different point of view. What the author lacked is a first hand opinion of woman who actually do this for a living, and try to understand where they are coming from?.

From my point of view music motivates people everyday in different ways. When I listen to the different music and watch music video produced by different artists; it gets me excited to see how these videos show a variety of lifestyles. Most of the time these rappers come from broken homes and really don't know right from wrong. As these new upcoming artist get older and find there calling they are heavily influenced by other rappers and there environment. I feel you can only write music from a first hand bases and what you know is what you write. Mclune states "Unless women agree to compromise their truth and self-respect, and unity with other women and instead play dutiful daughter to the phallus the represents hip-hop culture. they will be targeted , slandered, or ignored" (215). Nowadays these women that are what we call "Video Vixen's" are actually using this as a career path and in professional means. They choose to take this route to fame because they see it as artistic. And are getting paid to move up in life bringing their families who once lived in poverty with them to this new lavish life style. These woman don't worry about bills, they drive nice cars, and most importantly provide for their families. Most of these "Video Vixen's" are considered models and what they do in music videos is artistic and tasteful. Now to the authors hip-hop music videos are degrading to women but its her opinion. Mclune states, "Unlike men, women in hip-hop don't speak in a collective voice in defense of...
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