Video Surveillance: Effective Crime Protection Tool or Invasion of Privacy?

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Video Surveillance: Effective Crime Protection Tool or Invasion of Privacy?

Video cameras were seen as a great invention in technology when they were first created. They provide peace of mind for people in any area where crimes can be committed. They also provide hard evidence against people who commit certain crimes (Haering, Venetianer, and Lipton 279). In some cases, they serve as deterrents against people committing certain crimes. For example, if a shoplifter sees video cameras installed in a store or sees a sign saying that video cameras are in use, he might be less likely to attempt to steal anything from that particular store. The same principle applies in some homes where owners post signs announcing the use of hidden cameras on their properties hoping that burglars will have second thoughts about breaking into their homes. Because of the popularity and easy access of video cameras, their use is rapidly increasing. Just about anybody can purchase one and use it for just about whatever they would like. Cameras can be installed virtually anywhere and can record just about anything. They can be found in public and private buildings, even as far off as satellites in space. There is almost no way to avoid being photographed in at least one camera daily no matter where you are (Paige). It is my position that the widespread use of video surveillance cameras is an invasion of privacy to citizens.

I believe that we have crossed the line between the need to feel safe and secure in public places and invading people’s privacy. Invasion of privacy refers primarily to an intrusion into another person’s private life without just cause. As stated above, there are valid reasons why these hidden cameras are useful. I believe that the negative consequences far outweigh the positive ones. First, keeping privacy in this age of video surveillance is a serious concern. In the old days of the television show, Candid Camera, or the most recent...
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