Video Sops - How to Write Them

Topics: Film editing, Video, Film and video technology Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Phase 1: Pre-Production
Pre-production is the initial planning phase for the video and is key to determining the success of later stages.
Step 1: Pre-production Meeting
Th e fi rst step is a pre-production meeting with everyone involved in the project. Th e following people should attend:
- the person requesting the video
- the person that is going to shoot the video
- the supervisor of the process that the video SOP relates to - the subject matter experts who are familiar with the subject operation (or any other person whose knowledge is to be preserved)
- the safety offi cer of the water/wastewater utility (if you will be fi lming a process where applicable OSHA standards need to be observed)
- the employees with the most experience producing, shooting, directing, and editing (staff should be assigned and available for these roles from inception to fi nish) What is accomplished during the pre-production meeting?

- Brainstorming ideas are collected.
- An outline is created that lists the facts that should be presented in the video and the order in which they should be discussed.
- Based on the outline, a clear and concise narrative is written.

Step 2: Create an Audio/Video (A/V) Script (or Storyboard)
Th e A/V script is a 2-sided template, also called a storyboard. (EXAMPLE)
Storyboards do not need to be polished. Th e point is to be clear on both sides of the page.

Storyboarding should be done before going out on location, so it is clear what is to be shot ahead of time. Th ese are not decisions to be made in the fi eld.
By reviewing the scene descriptions on the storyboard, site selection for each scene can be completed easily and logically. Develop a list showing the location and address of each site.

Step 3: Determine the logistics of the shoot
Th e producer and site supervisor must determine the following, aft er which the producer can arrange a schedule:
- Th e actual location
- Best time of day to shoot
- Personnel needed to...
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