Video Games vs Books

Topics: Video game Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Kaelyn Gamel

Have you ever wondered the true impact of video games on the young society of America? If you were thinking it was negative, you may want to rethink yourself. Many Americans believe that video games have a negative affect on young children but I believe if you monitor and use the right programs, video games can become more useful then reading books. Video games keep children more interested then books, because video games are interactive. As a child clicks a certain button, the program response from there input. It gives them a result and then has you move on to he next level, keeping video games versatile, interesting, and addicting. As technology rapidly advances, children seem to grow more interest in the new and fun technology. Reading is everyone’s past, present, and future. How you read may be different from your grandparents, to your children in the future. As video gaming takes the primary inroad to keep the mind alert and alive, books are slowly loosing interest from the young children. Programmers are seeing that children enjoy video games rather than reading books. Video games are becoming more education based, because children show more interest in technology, rather then reading a boring old book. Correspondingly, parents want their children to be involved in learning, in a fun, but healthy learning environment. Video games keep children occupied by allow them to be in control. Making the child responsible for the result. Some video games are even helpful in other aspects other than reading. A few examples of video games that are educational and helpful for children are Grammar Gorillas, Spanish Opposites, and Grand Prix Multiplication. These programs help children progress and advance in reading, math, and other languages. When children have to beat a certain story line in a video game, they are using different parts of their brain to succeed and beat the game. They take in new information, memorization, challenge and strategy,...
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