Video Games Pros and Cons on Violence of Youth

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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I really enjoyed this topic, because its been a very big controversy. I have a lot of feelings about this subject. As I looked through several articles, they had a lot of good arguments. I think some of the articles were very good, but some seemed like they were giving excuses for the horrid video games thats out today. I think they could have showed more of the graphics, so some of the parents that were looking at these could have seen what was on these games that are rated for everyone. I think the ratings on these games should be looked at closer. The arguments of the cons list were a lot longer than the pros lists. On the pros were hand eye coordination, encouraging of accountability and responsibility, developmental growth, to teach problem solving, motivation, learning to adapt,ability to think quickly, analyze situations, provide stress relief, and teamwork. And the cons were linked to youth aggression, likely to respond to impulse with violence in real world situations, lack of empathy, many health problems(obesity, poor heart health, tenosynovitis, social isolation, poor grades, addiction, depression), and the list goes on. All of my questions were not answered in these articles. I would of liked to see more of the differences in the rating process. They didn't show many of the games and their gory details. All of these violent games display blood, flying body parts, and a lot of gore. It seemed in most of these articles and studies it stated that most of the parents didn't even know what games their kids were playing, or what was on these games. That really bothers me that these parents don't take enough time to even look at what their kids are doing. It seems like most parents are more worried about their own lives and interest instead of raising their children. I don't think that parents should pass the blame on to the video companies, because they are using these games as babysitters, instead of being active parents in their lives. If the parents...
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