Video Games in Psychotherapy

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Video Games in Psychotherapy

After reading the article, Video Games in Psychotherapy by T. Atilla Ceranoglu, I agree that video games can help in psychotherapy because I believe that playing videos can take their minds off of the tragic things going on in their life, such as children who went through abuse, neglected, control problems etc… This will help them release some stress and to have a little fun. I think those kids who have problems controlling themselves this will help them relax a little and not be hyper. Children like games already so by this being psychotherapy is a good way for the kids to be themselves. This can also help a child connect with their therapist by doping something the child likes and will be distracted. Therefore the therapist can talk to the child and maybe get their feelings out while they are focused on something else. A child can express themselves through the game they choose. As the article stay, “video games offer several opportunities in psychotherapy owing to their unique content versatility play modes.” This can help the therapist figure out what feeling the child has through the playing of the child, as the article states, “A competitive game may offer the opportunity to display aggressive urges, omnipotent wishes, or the desire to destroy and re-create the therapist.” I think by the therapist allowing the child to play video games may help the child to be comfortable with them, and do something they like to do and won’t look at therapy as a place that is going to be pressured them to talk. As the article says, “Children may find it easier to relate to a therapist who is ready and willing to play in their usual way.” As I read in the Neo Academic by Landers it states that, “games (generally) have been used in therapy for some time. One citation put the use of board games in psychotherapy as early as 1957. This implies to me a more receptive scientific community associated with general therapy than is associated with...
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