Video Games Are Good

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  • Published : October 17, 2011
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People seem to have different perspectives on video gaming. Some may say that its bad for you and others may disagree. Steven Johnson, the author of Everything Bad is Good for You, believes that video gaming comes with many benefits. Unlike reading books, video games actually help you trigger your mind and make you analyze situations, he admits. He also claims that when reading a small portion of your brain is devoted and when it comes to video games you trigger most of your senses. When playing video games there are two stages you go through, they are probing and telescoping. Probing is the ability of searching and discovering options as he is introduced to the game. After discovering and understand the game better it leads the player into making decisions which is what Johnson describes as Telescoping. From my own experiences I have to agree with Johnson, I feel that video games can be very helpful and can even improve out academic performance.

One of the reasons why I think it can help to improve our academic performance is by triggering our mind to work in different ways. Video games make your brain work in different ways. When playing a video game you first have to discover and learn how to make choice in the game. Video games make the player think not only by reading the instructions or rules to the game. The player learns how to play the game by making decisions and making mistakes. This skill can come in hand as a student; it can help them in their academic performance by giving them the confidence to make mistakes and make decisions in school. I believe that video games can help students become leaders as they use these skills. Just like playing a game you have to take control in order to become a leader. Being a leader means having control and making right decisions; something very similar as when you’re playing a video game. You need to take them same skills that are being used in the game and apply them to real life. Johnson also stated that...
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