Video Games Are Bad for Children

Topics: Video game, Video game controversy, Nonviolent video game Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Video games are bad for Children
Stop the debate as to whether children who love playing video games should be encouraged to continue or should they be stopped. Several people think children need to play video games because they make them active, but still, numerous other people also believe video games are not good for children. Despite the fact that other people think video games are healthy for children, I strongly believe they are bad for them. There are several reasons why video games are harmful for children. According to Professor Laurie Wills, Video games can be considered as addictive drugs that do nothing but harm the user (Willis 25). This clearly implies that this context issues reasons to demonstrate that video games are bad for children. The first implication that has been proven by all parents who allow their children to play video games is that they are addictive. This is extremely bad particularly from age ten onwards (Sternheimer 36). The reason for their change of personality is because either they are forced to leave the machine or there is some mechanical challenge with the machine. This shows that once the children seat to play the games, they never wish to leave and can spend the whole day on the computer without minding about anything else including meals. Research shows that when children are bound to stop playing the games, most of them burst out crying as a result of their sadness. Surely this kind of behavior will lead them to depression and other long and short term medical problems.

Many health problems occur because of addiction. For instance, it is extremely bad for the eyes to play video games for a long time (DeMaria 76). The eyes of children are sensitive and still developing and should be kept safe by avoiding radiation emitted by machines. It is proven that staying on machines like a TV and other visual screens for long periods of time is bad for the eyes of children, and also adults. Many people have eye problems that...
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