Video Game Exploration

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Research Proposal & Bibliography
Research Proposal
My research topic is trying to figure out the relationship between online game players and their real life. Through observing researches on various groups of game players, I bring forth questions for game players such as, what is the motive to play games? What positions do game players have at their work? What roles are game players playing in the society? Are they “losers” (in general meaning – at the bottom of social status) in reality? Does game assist them to be successful in the daily life? Many questions and considerations need to be investigated and evaluated. The video game industry has larger expansion in the market, and online game global output value has reached $9.8 billion in 2009 (DFC Intelligence forecast). Online game market growth closely relates to broadband network popularization. Most studies have focused on online game manufacturers and consumer addiction. There is little research on personality trait and life satisfaction among online gamers. But there is no doubt that customer-centricity is developing and might be the primary factor to consider by game companies. Games are designed for customers and affected by market reflection. I think game companies will benefit from data collection of game players’ personality traits, and thus game companies can produce more concrete games based on customers’ preferences data information. Because of the fact that game players have ranged wildly from children to older adults, their backgrounds, cultures, motivations certainly will be differentiated. Otherwise, games are designed for making profits; thus, what should game companies think through and take priority? Therefore, in my research paper, I plan to analyze the target – customers, with what behind their game playing, and moreover, to investigate in the game player’s current life situation, and to explore what game player’s life satisfaction criterion and level. Through my research, I will...
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