Video Game Comparison

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Video Game Comparison

One of my favorite games of all time is Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for Super Nintendo. Super Mario RPG took my favorite characters from the Super Mario Bros game and put them into a role-playing game, my favorite genre of video game. This combination worked wonders for me and I love this game. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is one of the harder games that I have played and I don’t particularly like it. It is a real-time strategy game on the PC; the strategies it takes to win are ridiculous. If I build up my defenses as much as I can before the enemies’ tiny scouting party arrives I get slaughtered, but if I send in just a few warriors as soon as I can, for some reason, I can occasionally win. I don’t think that my style of play works for this game.

Super Mario RPG is strictly one-player; there is no way to play against a friend in this game. Warcraft III’s most popular style of play is internet multiplayer. If you play over the internet against other humans, however, and do not have years of experience with this game, you will lose. I played endlessly against others on the internet, and never won. Koster explained the same problem in A Theory of Fun, “Repeated failure is a predictable cycle, and rather boring.” (Koster 6). After countless losses, Warcraft III had lost all of its appeal to me and I moved on to another game. Mario RPG hardly got boring though; I had a much higher chance to win, which made me want to play it more often.

Warcraft III also allows the player to play alone. I did this often too, but this was also boring. I studied what the enemy did and how they won every time, but I could never figure out a strategy that worked for me. “Games grow boring when they fail to unfold new niceties in the puzzles they present,” (Koster 42). A Theory of Fun says that without uncovering patterns and learning from them, a game becomes boring very quickly. I never figured out the tricks of Warcraft III and it...
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