Video Game Addiction Is No Fun

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This world is not without problems. Many forms of problems are a part of the human life in this world. One of the considerable forms of problems are addictions; more specifically, video game addiction. This addiction is one of the growing worries among children and adults.

There is now a new method of treatment called video game detox. There is one treatment centre in Amsterdam which employs this method to their subjects. They are forced to quit gaming cold turkey. They start on this treatment by admitting that they are incapable over their addiction. Keith Bakker from Smith & Jones Addiction Consultants said that video games are now conquering lives. This is a worrying statement. Kimberly Young, PsyD said that this concept of detoxification makes sense even though this seems like a stretch. Young also said that this problem can be categorized as a clinical impulse control disorder.

Doctors and practitioners alike are now starting to recognize addictive behaviours apart from substance addiction. Brody, M., MD, has a criteria that puts certain symptoms into the addiction category. The person needs more and more of a substance to keep him or her going and if he or she does not get more of it, he or she becomes irritable and miserable. Brody has also seen many familiar withdrawal symptoms such as angriness, violence and depression.

The biological and psychological factor of this addiction is uncertain. Young said that the effect of this addiction is like substance addiction. For example, the activity of gambling releases dopamine into the body’s circulatory system, which makes a person be in a sense of euphoria. This, over time, makes a person believe that virtual life is more appealing than real life. The fantasy world makes them feel better. This attraction of the fantasy world is especially significant to people who play online games. This is because online games are far more open-ended and diverse in game-play than single-player games.

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