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Chapter 1

Background of the Study
Defense of the Ancients (commonly known as DotA) is a real-time online or LAN strategy computer game composing of two to ten or twelve players where you can choose from over ninety unique characters you can play on. It requires focus, strategy, quick hands and quick thinking when you are in difficult situations. The objective of the scenario is to destroy the opponents' "Ancient". The two teams' ancients are heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map.

The game is popular in many parts of the world; in the Philippines and Thailand, it is played as much as the game Counter-strike. It is also one of the most well-known computer games being played in Sweden and other Northern European countries. By these reasons, the popularity of this game has increased over time not only with these countries being mentioned but it has been getting more popular all over the world.

As DotA arises, many issues also arise. It may be about on relationships, peers, foes, and most especially, education. Many critics worldwide are arguing about the real effects of playing DotA considering that many people especially teenagers are getting addicted on this computer game. They said, this is a mind numbing entertainment for everyone and produces a socially isolated people and promotes violent behaviors. Some of these criticisms may or may not be true.

Here in Philippines, DoTA is being played not only by our young adults but also by the kids that made this as a big concern for parents. At their young age they are more prone on getting addicted on playing this game and might get out of focus to their studies and would lost their interests in playing physical and traditional games like “tumbang preso”, “luksong baka”, “patintero”, “syatong”, and many more. There are many students and even some young professionals that are addicted to DotA. Many students get addicted to this game and they even spend long hours inside the computer shop just to play the game. There are studies that getting addicted in playing computer games affects their studies and this is the cause why they are lying to   their parents that they need extra money for their school project but the truth is they are just using the money to rent a computer where they can play DotA with their classmates. Sometimes, in order to make the game exciting, they have a deal to pay those who won the game, so it already becomes a form of gambling.

There are lots of effects which DotA brings to our society, to be particular, the youth. With no doubt this game is one of the hottest games in the market. In every cyber cafe you can see gamers stick with their screen, mouse and keyboard, with their face full of concentration and excitements finding ways to defeat their opposing team or enemies. These things about “DotA” made our research group choose it as our topic, thinking about the thoughts that disturb our minds and searching answers for the benefit of the students of our school DMMA College of Southern Philippines who are currently engage to this computer gaming. This research is trying to show how the on-line game, DOTA affects the studies of students of DMMA College of Southern Philippines.

Statement of the Problem
The foregoing study is about the effects of playing DotA to the Students of DMMA College of Southern Philippines; specifically the researchers try to find out the answers to the following problems: 1. What are the effects of playing DotA to the students of DMMA College of Southern Philippines? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing DotA to the students of DCSP? 3. What are the reasons why students of DCSP are keep on playing DotA? 4. How to avoid the addiction brought by playing DotA among the students of DCSP? 5. What are the roles of parents, instructors and the school to the students who are frequently playing DotA?

Objectives of the Study
This study aims to: ...
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