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  • Published : November 3, 2006
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Video conferencing is the message between two or more people, using computers based networks, and sending out both audio and video information between them. The main requirements to set up a videoconference known also as video teleconference are: •A web camera

•Computer with the Internet network.
Videoconferencing first demonstrated in 1968. It was established since the Television has been invented. Video conferencing system consisted two connected TVs in closed network. Advantages and Disadvantages of Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing can make possible people in remote places to have short meetings. Technology such as VoIP can be used in combination with desktop videoconferencing to make possible face-to-face meetings without leaving the desktop. Advantages

•Time Savings
The most convincing reason to set up the video conferencing is time savings. (Davis 2002) "An employee must invest 21 hours in flying time, driving time, meeting preparation time, the meeting itself, and associated follow-up efforts. However, the study further indicates that the same employee participating in a typical videoconference meeting would need to invest only 4 hours of their time. Hence, by converting a travel meeting to a videoconference, each meeting participant can save approximately 17 hours."

This citation explains mainly how this system can help company and their employees to save time. The most require character from employees is time organization. Therefore video conferencing can improve it a lot.

•Cost savings

The second convincing reason of making video conferencing possible is costs savings. (Davis 2002) "The average domestic business trip has a hard cost of $1,334 per meeting participant. For arguments sake, we have assumed that the average business traveler's annual compensation is US $80,000 and that the company pays an additional 25% for benefits. This yields an hourly employee cost of approximately...
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