Video Case 2 General Mills Warm Delights

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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1. Warm Delights is in the single-serve cake treat category.

2. (a) The target market is on the go women who want a small dessert treat. (b) A point of difference would be that it is convenient due to that it comes in its own bowl. (c) A potential opportunity would be that Warm Delights is positioned as a snack instead of as a dessert. A hindrance could be that while marketing it as a snack versus a dessert, it may have more competition. Also by marketing it to women, you may be losing other potential customers like children and teenagers.

3. (a) Vivian Callaway did some market research on naming the product. She was trying to decide if naming it Warm Delights or Dessert Bowls would be more appealing to customers. (b) "What does she want?" was one critical question she sought answers for. (c) Targeting on the go women had marketing advantages like a $2.00 price tag, the products message of "warm, convenient, delightful", and that on-the-go women's meal plans include the occasional delicious treat.

4. (a) Callaway's initial plan was to pay for displays that would catch the consumer's attention because there is usually not a lot of consumer traffic in the dessert aisle. (b) The displays made sense to Callaway because it was vital to get new people down the dessert aisle that wouldn't normally visit that aisle.

5. I would try to make the product more appealing to the younger consumer. Maybe changing the packaging to a more kid-friendly view. I would also create and add more flavors. And one more thing would be to market to college students and their college stores and cafeterias.
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