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Topics: Sociology, Albert Bandura, Psychology Pages: 3 (1296 words) Published: December 3, 2012
For the first biological concept that I think Nurse Ratched falls under is the Cartesian Anxiety under Basic human characteristics. I think that she has the Cartesian anxiety because she was very aggressive in what she do. What I mean by aggressive is that she wants things done a certain way and no one was going to change her mind. The example from the movie that I want to use is when they were doing group therapy and everyone was sitting around in a circle. It was probably the second or third session of therapy. Nurse Ratched was talking to one of the guy and in the beginning of the therapy session and one of the guy in the middle ask for his cigarette and she said that she will answer his question when she gets to him. She was very aggressive and dictating in that situation and throughout the movie. The guy that asked for his cigarette kept asking but she just ignore him even when things got out of control. She was not going budge towards giving him his cigarette and that was final in her mind or not until it was his turn to speak. Throughout the whole movie she was very aggressive in how things was going to be for the guys. Her demeanor in the movie tells a lot about her, she was direct and straight to the point. Whatever she decided was going to happened. At the end of the movie when she tell Billy that she was going to tell his mom because of what he did and he pleaded with her not to but she was determined that she was going to. Billy was very upset that she was going to tell his mom about what he did and eventually killed himself. The second biological concept that I think Nurse Ratched falls under is the “life span” under the physiological growth, development, and degenerative processes. I choose the Life Span concept because it seem like she has been around mentally challenge people all her life. She seems to really like her job but at the same time she seem really gloomy inside and not to like her job. It seem to me like she just take that...
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