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Three days now we have been struggling to keep the Black Ants out of our colony. There’s been no sign of hope; it seems that every time we push them back they come back stronger. We have been holding out in our colony surrounded by cliffs and the only way to get in and out is to cross the stream. We had a branch crossing the stream but we had to knock it into the river when we seen the black ants attacking.

The black ants keep on trying to build up bridges to get over and take control of our empire but every time they start we have countered it with our mages shooting Fire Balls and burning the bridges down and getting washed away by the stream. The only way for us to have any hope of fighting back would be to borrow a tunnel under the cliffs and search for another species and ask for help.

Its day four now and us, The Red Ants , have decided to fight back and try all we can to stop their attacks  so we can have enough time to think of a plan to whip out their colony for good. The watch towers sirens went off and they were attacking again. The Queen had told the mages to stop them from building the bridges and told the Flying Ants to take the explosives and fly over the battle field and drop them in the middle of the enemy forces. When the explosives are in place we have to get the mages to use a well placed Radiation Blast to detonate the explosives.

I was ordered to defend the side door, which I thought was an easy job because of the venomous spider blocking the path, killing everything in its way. I could hear frequency calls made by the black ants; they were talking about building a stair way out of giant boulders and forcing the spider out onto or colony. I informed our Queen, Raffia, about their plans and she decided to build a wall to corner the spider. We rushed to where the spider was living. We had set up a perimeter to fend off any attacks while the mages used Telekinesis to lift the rocks.

When the black ants heard us moving the rocks they attacked! The flying black ants came over the rocks and stabbed one of our guards in the back with its pincers. They eventually got one of our main defended position down and charged in. They had a much larger army than us. We were about to retreat when our Queen shouted ‘No! Were almost finished! ’. The black ants had me trembling with fear. I ran as fast as I could back to our colony and got anyone who was in there to hide. I told them our Queen had died and the black ants are coming to kill everyone!

We had started building the tunnel to look for help so we hid in it for about a week creeping out a night to get food and water. We decided to try to progress the tunnel further and try to get help and take back our colony. We were tunnelling when we heard the black ants frequency call telling their Queen that we were tunnelling out but luckily we had a mage and moved the rock that we had broke down and built a wall to cover up the tunnel behind us.

We were just about to hit the surface; we could see the sunlight when suddenly a Laser Beam came out of now where and hit me in the back of the leg. It had started to disintegrate my leg and I fainted with the pain. When I woke up I was chained to the wall and my leg was fully healed. It looked like there were giant needle holes in every limb on my body. I screamed ‘HELP!’ and then I heard a voice telling me stay calm I’ll only make it worse and then a Black Ant Commander appeared in front of me. He told me I was being tested on to try make the Ant molecule structure stronger and more resistant to damage. He said that it would take about a day for it to kick in to my system and then I’d start to feel changes in my body’s shape. He stabbed me with his pincers in my arm and it started to regenerate. Then I felt weak and out of energy and gently fell asleep.

I woke up and the room was empty, there was no sign of anyone and I couldn’t her anyone so I said to myself...
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