Victorian Moral Values Applied to All

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  • Published : July 15, 2011
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'Victorian moral values applied to all'

Do you know that no-one is born rich,poor or slave who than made life hell for women during Victorian Britain? Victorian period expected women to get married to be good wives and mothers. The status of a woman was significant in that she was expected to marry a man of the same class or better class than herself. Women had little power ,dignity and rights in the society. They are restricted by law education ,culture and own thoughts. In contrast boys had good education and high position in the society. Men were sole tribunal and law over women life. The beliefs gave women a central ,passive role they were under male domination and home restriction. Their education was limited to learning domestic skills. General opinion of men was that the natural vocation of women is to be only housewife. According to her husband woman's place is in the house and she could not see the world beyond. Settings of the period expected wife to be slave of her husband in all times. He could repudiate her but she is indebted to have respect to him and subjection. Woman were not free to say what she think because she will be prosecuted for this. The life does not offer anything to the woman why so much was expected of her? Women are maltreat as animal to extended family. They had restriction not only of men but also women did not even have the respect of the Queen. This is the tragedy of a society ,tragedy because they could not meet even the understanding of the woman leader of whole Britain. How it was possible for woman to support and stand behind it all?Men forced women into marriage by closing all doors for them and they had power over his wife after marriage. Marriage gives men dominance but not guaranty for good wife because free and respected woman by society is the good woman and men fears are well-founded. Do you think that women get married only because they are uneducated or by financial support ?Even she is from wealthy family...
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