Victoria Seecret Case Study

Topics: Lingerie, Adolescence, Marketing Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Victoria Secret
1.The typical Pink customer begins the buying decision process at a young age when shopping with family members. They will probably compare Pink products with other brands such as American Eagle’s Aerie or Abercrombie & Fitch. They are very visually literate are leaving their childhoods earlier for more mature things. Pink is being marketed as spirited and collegiate, therefore bringing in a younger more hip crowd. What differentiates Pink is that it is a sub-brand of the universally known Victoria’s Secret, which many young girls find quite appealing since they are looking forward to buy those products when they are older. The economic situation of teens and tweens is on the rise and they are able and willing to spend more money on Pink products. 2. The main aspirational groups for the Victoria's Secret Pink line comprise of teen and tweens who are now found to be in a hurry to transform into maturity lifestyles and leaving behind childlike ways. Victoria Secret denies targeting the youth of America but there are hidden messages in advertisements. Marketers should have boundaries with regard to this concept. Pink is encouraging young girls to dress more mature and bypass traditional images. 3.Parents feel that they have to spend a lot of money annually buying Pink’s products for the young consumers. This can be negative since most teens do not have the income to buy for themselves. Positive attitude can come from the fact that by introducing the Pink brand to a younger market, lasting relationships will be created and consumers will continue to but from Victoria Secret as they age. 4.Pink is promoting early adolescent sexuality. This is proven by the fact that for them to say that their target market is 18 to 30 year olds, young girls less than 18 that make up a good percentage of Pink consumers. Pink is also known for selling thong underwear to preteens. By doing this, Pink is pushing preteens to feel that there is a need to abandon...
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