Victoria Secret

Topics: Lingerie, Victoria's Secret, Brassiere Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: November 14, 2011
Victoria Secret is Sexy, Young, and Confident
What is a secret? Is it that mysterious vibe you get when you meet a person, leaving you wanting to know more? Or is it the fact that what you see from the outside isn’t necessarily who they are on the inside? Secrets which we all wish to discover. Victoria Secret’s clever branding strategy states that even the most sophisticated women are likely to wear sexy lingerie. But that’s the clever thing about it…do we really know that? Victoria Secret products make their customers feel sexy, young, and good about themselves. When you walk into the store the first thing you will see is PINK. Not just the clothing line itself but also the color. Immediately there will be a sales person ready to greet you as you enter the store. If you look inside you will first see sweatpants and sleepwear displayed on the side, in the middle are the 5 for 25$ panties, and in the back you will see the bras. This entrance is strictly PINK and in the entrance next to it you will see perfumes, lotions, and make-up. This part of Victoria Secret attracts both men and women. It is less bright and gives a more luxurious feel. In the back you will see all the lingerie organized by its style. Each style is either nicely placed on a table or in a picture frame. This is because Victoria Secret is not your typical department store where bras and panties are hung up on racks according to size. This is because Victoria Secret displays their products in a way that makes their customers not only feel comfortable but also giving them more choices to choose. Like Mathieu said, companies want you to see what’s inside the frame, nothing outside. This method of advertising is called scotosis. Victoria Secret does an incredible job at this because of the ads they have throughout the store, on television, and even their catalogs. In every ad you will see the typical bombshell European model. You will always see a girl who is thin, toned, and has seductive appeal...
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