Victoria and the Staveneys

Topics: Human rights, Race and Ethnicity, United Kingdom Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Victoria and the Staveneys

As a back girl living in a society with different race, and belongs to the minority group is strongly difficult. Victoria experience poverty from the very beginning of her life, looking after her ante was just a minor part of her problems. As the reader follows the story s/he notices the prejudices against her by the society and even her family. Everything is against the black girl in a society which she does not belong to it, while Thomas , a white boy, lives happy ever after and nothing can stop him to enjoy his life even a black and an unexpected child whom he happens to be her father. His family accepts this wrong doing with open heart as if nothing peculiar has happened. Unlikely, she even has not have the gut to come to the father of the child to share the responsibility with the father just because she is black, so she has no right, while the boy is white, so all the rights are his.

Even after being accepted while humiliated by Thomas's family, they have the right not to let Mary's brother, a very black boy, comes to their home because it makes the atmosphere peculiar and the guests uncomfortable.

So Victoria accepts what happens one after the other, because she knows what being a black girl means in such a society. She accepts whatever they expect to be only the part of the white family.

At last, while not being a religious woman she accepts to be the wife of a religious man just to be accepted by the society and most importantly to have a family. It shows that she even does not have the freedom of thought, so she should accept it just because there is no other way.

Javad Maleki
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