Victoria's Secret Brand Foundation

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April 4, 2012
Victoria’s Secret Brand Foundation
Brand Vision:
Victoria’s Secret is a subsidiary company of Limited Brands, Inc. The mission statement of Victoria’s Secret is the same as Limited Brands, and other subsidiaries held by Limited Brands. “Limited Brands is committed to building a family of the world’s best fashion brands offering captivating customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty and deliver sustained growth for our shareholders” ( Founded by Roy Raymond in 1977, the vision he executed was for men and women to be able to shop with comfort for lingerie. He had found himself embarrassed while shopping at a typical department store’s lingerie department for his wife. He envisioned men to be able to shop for their wives/significant others, without the embarrassment of other customers, as well as the salespeople, probing uncomfortable glances. He envisioned women “of all shapes and sizes, if not tax brackets, feel that sensuality need not be limited to models and celebrities” (BookRags). Raymond felt that department stores lingerie departments were “tucked away,” and envisioned his store “with an openly luxurious atmosphere that recreated a nineteenth century boudoir” (women’s bedroom/private room) (BookRags). Brand Definition:

Victoria’s Secret offers an array of different products, as well as brands. Coming out with new and innovative products is what keeps VS customers coming back time and time again. Each different brand has its own personality, and with such a variety they are sure to please practically all of the many different tastes that walk through their doors, open their catalogs, and browse through their Website. VS stores are mainly lingerie, sleepwear, and beauty and skin products, as well as clothing from their PINK line. The reason they keep the stores in such a manner is so they can continue to portray the vision that Roy Raymond had in 1977, for their store to represent a bedroom, in which there are draws with an assortment of many different panty styles, and racks of bras and sleepwear scattered tastefully throughout the store. It is a more intimate setting, and because of that vision VS Website and catalog has become very successful, not only selling the lingerie but clothing, accessories, and so much more. VS’ clothing that is sold through their Web site and catalog consists of more sophisticated clothing, which suits their 26-45 year old market. Whereas VS PINK targets the 18-25 year old market. It is hard to define each of their brands to a specific market because there really is something for everyone in each of their brands, it really just depends on the taste of the customers. Beauty and Skin Products: Brands: All of the brands sold for beauty and skin products are targeted to all of Victoria’s Secret customers. They each contain different products that are suitable for all ages. * Beach Sexy

* Beauty Rush
* Body by Victoria
* Dream Angels
* Victoria’s Secret Gorgeous
* Incredible by Victoria’s Secret
* Rapture
* Sexy Little Things
* So Sexy
* Tease for Two
* Very Sexy
* VS Fantasies
* VS Makeup
* Victoria’s Secret Angels Collection
* Victoria’s Secret Bombshell
* Victoria’s Secret PINK
VS Bras: Brands: Suitable for all women in Victoria’s Secret’s target market. * Fabulous by Victoria’s Secret
* Very Sexy
* Supermodel Essentials
* VSX Sexy Sport
* Body by Victoria
* Angels by Victoria’s Secret
* Bombshell
* Cotton Lingerie
* The Showstopper by Victoria’s Secret
* Gorgeous Collection
* The Nakeds by Victoria’s Secret
* BioFit
* Sexy Tee
* Glamour by Victoria’s Secret
* Victoria’s Secret PINK
Of all the different brands of bras VS has to offer, they also have many different types and lifts, such as: push-up, full coverage, demi cup, multi-way, strapless, racerback, wireless,...
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