Victoria's Secret

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Victoria’s Secret
Speaking of Lingerie, it is usually labeled as women’s business. However, Roy Raymond, founder of Victoria’s Secret, claimed that their store objective was to provide convenient and comfortable shopping experiences for male customers. In 2011, Victoria’s Secret had opened their first retail store in Canada. Will America’s largest and most successful lingerie retailer (Blakeslee) be reaching its new height through the Canadian Market? Let’s find out. History and Founders

This legendary sexy story all began when a graduate student from Stanford Graduate School Of Business went to purchase lingerie for his wife from a department store. Yet, the delightful moment had become awkward and embarrassing. Not just that Raymond knew nothing about women’s undergarments, but also bras and panties were all hung on a sterile rack which made him feel uncomfortable to go through the sizes and look for the right one he needed. As a result, Raymond came up with a business idea. He believed that there would be a market for a store selling sexy and seductive ladies’ undergarment but at the same time providing a cozy atmosphere for male shoppers. In 1977, Raymond opened his first store in San Francisco Stanford Shopping Centre by borrowing $80,000 from relatives and bank, thus Victoria’s Secret was born. What makes Victoria’s Secret different from the other lingerie stores is that Raymond has incorporated wooden panels in its store interior and had all the undergarments paired together in all sizes displayed on frames, as to provide a comfortable shopping experience for male shoppers. Besides, he also came up with the mailing catalogue idea, where people could simply target their wanted-products at home, and save them time from browsing in store. Turned out Victoria’s secret was a huge success; it has generated half a million dollar profit in its first year of operation. In less than five years after the business was started, four extra branches were opened and...
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