Victoria’s Secret Pink Case

Topics: Marketing, Consultative selling, Fashion Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Victoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hip Case

1.Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer?

The buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer is must be select the major target customers for Pink. This process can be divided into several stages. For first stage, the buyer should recognize the need of product. Victoria’s Secret Pink’s products the young and teenagers customers recognize the need of fashionable clothing from Pink’s store. The customers need to search about information of places to find out the right place to buy the product that they need or want. For this reason, Pink should know that it is selling the best women wear and it information can find easily from several advertising on television or the internet. The next stage is for the buyer to identify and evaluate alternative sources for comparison reasons. The next stage is buying or purchasing the product from Pink’s store. The last stage is known as Post-purchase evaluation which involved evaluation of purchased products and comparison with alternative options. So, Victoria’s Secret needs to expand of it sales because it the best way to find new and more customers and get a good gains.

2.Apply the concept of aspirational groups to Victoria’s Secret Pink line. Should marketers have boundaries with regard to this concept?

The main aspirational groups for the Victoria’s Secret Pink line comprise of teenagers and young girls ranging from 18 to 30 years of age. These groups are easy and hurry to transform into maturity lifestyles in keeping with their ages. Pink’s products can have influence in this age since they want mature faster, so they can have chance to buy the Pink fashion products. Marketers placing boundaries with regard to their products makes a negative impact to the general public. This is because some individuals who filling outside the boundaries limit feel as they left out. This is presented in the case study that they leave their childhoods...
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