Victims, Short Story

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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My heart thumps to the sound of the music blasting through the crumbled walls in to this darkened alley, bom, bom, ba ba bom…I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins causing my blood to bubble and boil its way to the surface- tonight is my night, and just then three girls burst through the back door of the club, their breath crystallising in the crisp night air and swirling around them as they burst out with girlish laughter. They walk straight past me, stumbling in oversized heels, too engrossed in their happiness to notice me hidden in the shadows. As the third girl tottered past me the moonlight caught her face and in that one moment I knew she would be the lucky one. I smile to myself almost as joyful as the playful party of party girls. I step out and begin to pursue my prize. She waves goodbye to her drunken friends and turns down a different alley. The dice are rolling in my favour tonight, and the stakes are high. The alley floor is littered with rubbish, further slowing her already steady and stumbling pace. As I hope, and as experience has taught me to expect, she falls over, and now I play my part, the hero of course. I rush forward and kneel down beside her, shivering as my knees reach the icy tarmac. I ask if she is alright and her angelic face looks up at me as she giggles nervously, her smile almost reaching her unusual honey coloured eyes. I pull her up and give her my leather coat, which swamps is the dress she’s wearing although it fails to hide the dresses cheery shimmering sparkles that dance over her skin and illuminate the darkness that now surrounds us. Results day!

Spent ages getting ready to go out, mainly because Sammy came round and insisted on doing my makeup while Karla sat there laughing at my protests. I decided to wear the sparkly dress my elder sister bought me for Christmas, even though I’m not usually bold enough to wear such extravagant attire. I thought the night couldn’t possibly get better, my ribs...
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