Victims of the United States Health Care System

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Victims of the United States Health Care System

By | October 2008
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Drawbacks of United States

Criticism of the United States healthcare is abundantly available due to the many problems that exist within it. Discussion of the vast need for healthcare reform seems to be a prevalent topic currently. The main objective that the majority of people seem to be pushing for in terms of healthcare reform is “to create more uniform, secure, and effective assess to health care and health insurance for the people of the United States” (Field: Assessing Health Care Reform 5). Before evaluating the suggestions for reform, it is necessary to acknowledge the current health care system of the United States.

The current health care system of the United States has evolved over time as is to be expected for any evolving developed nation. It is because of “historic strikes of the 1930s and 1940s, labor won the right to bargain with employers for fringe benefits, and forced many employers to provide and pay for health insurance for employees and their families” (Bodenheimer: Why US no p. 55). These strikes were the main cause of the initiation of employer provided health insurance benefits that have evolved into the employer-based insurance commonly seen today. However, it was in the 1980s that the downward turn of employer health insurance coverage occurred. Employers that no longer offer health insurance for their employees are becoming more abundant, especially in the small firm realm (Why US no p. 57).

A major debate in the health care industry is whether health care should be a right that is ensured to everyone or if it should be a privilege for those that have the means to afford it. Since there is a downward turn in the number of employers supplying health care benefits to their employees, employees are being forced into taking on a larger percentage of their health care costs. As pressure increases on employees to be somewhat self-sufficient in terms of health care costs, “those with lower incomes become less able to afford...

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