Victims and Crime Evaluation

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Victims and Crime Evaluation

Victims and Crime Evaluation
The role of the prosecutor
A prosecutor is a law enforcement official who is the chief legal representative in the court systems in countries with either the common law adversarial system, or the civil law inquisitorial system. The prosecutor is responsible for representing the state, in presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law. Prosecutors are typically lawyers who possess a law degree, and are recognized as legal professionals by the court in which they intend to represent the state. They usually only become involved in a criminal case once a suspect has been identified and charges need to be filed. They are typically employed by an office of the government, with safeguards in place to ensure such an office can successfully pursue the prosecution of government officials. Often, multiple offices exist in a single country, especially those countries with federal governments where sovereignty has been bifurcated or devolved in some way. The role of the Defense Attorney

The responsibilities of a defense attorney involve the presentation of oral arguments in court, crafting and researching legal documents, developing a relationship with the client and advocating the client's innocence as best as possible. These responsibilities are intrinsic and require a great deal of legal expertise and human empathy. Regardless of what light popular opinion might cast upon her client, a defense attorney must uphold and fight for the client's innocence. A defense attorney is a client's best and only advocate.

Predicated on these responsibilities are the specific functions of a defense attorney. She must be prepared to present the client's case before a court and jury. The plea of innocence or conditional guilt must be presented by the defense attorney to the court in a manner that presents her client in the best light. This also involves drafting legal briefs and...
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