Victimless Crimes

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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Controversial Choices and Victimless Crimes
Often talked about in newspaper articles, radio stations and television segments, are the “victimless crimes” of today’s society. Victimless crimes are crimes that do not inflict harm on anyone physically, but are considered illegal because of certain circumstances of the situation. The fairness of this controversial matter is in question; the governmental interference should not be involved in personal affairs of its people if there is no harm being done. Its injustice for any person to be charged on a consensual act, such as prostitution, a decision to not wear a seatbelt, or abortion, even if the appearance of the act isn’t within the public’s interest; there is no “real” crime. There is no question that a lot of the things that people do aren’t in the best interest for themselves, but it is also no question that it is their own decision to make those bad choices. The law states that a person is an adult at the age of 18, which means they can own a car, get married, smoke, and can do about anything, so why must it be illegal for an “adult” to do as they wish with his or her own body? Prostitution is a person giving their body in exchange for a fee. As disgusting as this act might be, it is no different from any other service that a hair dresser would provide or a carpenter. The stereotypes that prostitution has become so popular and world-wide spread that it is nearly impossible to stop. There are far too many willing buyers and sellers who are not going to the let the governments interfere with something that helps them pay the bills on time or just simply satisfies them. The public only recognizes prostitutes as disgusting individuals who are just giving their bodies away because they want to. But it most cases, that is not true. Many prostitutes are homeless, drug addicts, who are trying to do whatever it takes to get money or get their lives back on track. So why must the government...
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