Victim Typologies

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  • Published : August 21, 2012
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Victim Typologies
Rachel Walker
Kaplan University

Deviance and Violence
CJ 266-01
January 17, 2012

Sellin and Wolfgang have discussed five different typologies of victimization. The five different typologies are primary, secondary, tertiary, mutual, and no victimization. In this paper, I will briefly define and the different typologies and follow each one with a proper example. Following this, I will conclude my paper with definitions and differences between criminology and victimology.

Primary victimization is about targeting one individual. Domestic abuse is a good example. Let’s say a family member, partner, or even an ex- partner uses forcible or threating abuse that ends up causing either emotional or physical damage. This type of crime results in primary victimization. In most cases like this, it will cause both emotional and physical damage. Even being verbally put down or humiliated is a form of domestic abuse. Stalking would be another good example. Watching and following the victim, sending threating letters or e-mails, or making threating telephone calls would be another form of primary victimization.

Secondary victimization is defined as individuals who are known to be anonymous victims to the criminal. A good example for this would be; an individual goes around the neighborhood collecting money for a specific organization or charity that they are not a member of. Then they use the money they have collected for their own personal reasons whether it’s finances or luxuries. The individuals who may have donated money and even the people within the actual organization have fallen victim to this criminal offender.

Tertiary victimization is where either a community it society as a whole fall victim to the possible wrongdoings of the government or the officials. My example would be; during time of elections candidates collect all types of funding. When the electoral candidates start using this funding for their own personal reasons; then...
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