Victim Impact Statement

Topics: Blanche DuBois, Stanley Kowalski, Stella Kowalski Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Victim Impact Statement – Drafted by Blanche Dubois
Creative Writing Task – English HL
Divya Jethwani (12B)

Victim Impact Statement – Drafted by Blanche Dubois
Creative Writing Task – English HL
Divya Jethwani (12B)

Your honor,
I, Blanche DuBois am here today, as your living example of how a cruel crime can affect a person so radically, bringing in a change so drastic causing them to feel alienated and unwanted. The case with regard to my rape that we address in the court today may just be in relation to a sole crime committed by my darling sister’s husband, Stanley Kowalski; however, in all honesty I feel that I have been victimized right from the day I arrived at their residence at Elysian Fields. It may be a little too late according to the law to discuss a crime almost 5 years after it was committed, however that would only be in order if this crime and its effects were subdued instantly. Although, obviously that wasn’t the case, and evidently I am still suffering from the consequences of other people’s actions, I am still labeled as the person who is mentally imbalanced and furthermore, I don’t have enough money to pay off my debts for my stay at the recuperation center anymore. Who is going to restore my reputation? Who is going to pay off these bills that were generated for my recovery after my assault? How do I feel, after all these years, now that I am finally out of the four-walled room in the mental asylum that felt like prison? I feel incompetent, I feel redundant, I feel damaged and lastly I feel broken beyond repair. The years have passed by, but me; I’m still stuck in time, still stuck in that moment when I was whisked away to a mental asylum in opposition to my belief that I was going away with the handsome Shep Huntleigh. Is this fair your honor? Can the emotional scars that are now engraved on me be justified? It is possible to say that I might have been remotely imbalanced earlier due to my disposition after the loss of our...
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