Victim and Cime Evaluation

Topics: Criminal law, Police, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1347 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Victims and Crime Evaluation
Erica Peterson
January 28, 2013
P.M Pollock

Victims and Crime Evaluation
In every area of the criminal justice system there are certain roles and functions of everyone that is involved such as the prosecutor, defense attorney, the criminal, and the victim. Each of these positions in the criminal justice system plays an essential role throughout the entire judicial system. Also with every role of the above listed parties, play an important role in how victimization affects them. In conclusion of reading this paper you-the reader- will be able to distinguish how victimization affects each of these roles including the defendant, the criminal, the victim and the defense attorney. I will also be discussing what role each party plays in the judicial process. The victim’s role in a criminal prosecution is one of the most important, because if there is no victim, than there is no proof or reasonable cause that a crime ever took place. The role of the victim is probably the most critical in the success of a criminal investigation and most importantly, the conviction of the accused crime. Even before the prosecution phase can begin there are many things a victim should do to increase the likelihood of a successful prosecution. Once a crime has been committed it is up to the victim to report the crime to the police as soon as possible. By reporting the criminal activity to the police shortly after a crime takes place, the chances of the police catching the perpetrator increases. Prompt reporting no only helps the police gather evidence that may quickly disappear, it also enhances the creditability of the victim (Crime Victim Law, 2008). The creditability of a victim’s statement is the central issue in any criminal prosecution. Just because a crime may not have been reported to the police right away, prosecution of the criminal is still possible. If the victim is not able to report the crime right away, the victim can...
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