Vices of Modern Society

Topics: Cigarette, Smoking, Nicotine Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: December 18, 2012
It's well known in every society that young men and women are more likely to experiment with the most accessible vices of our age: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, clothes and makeup. Teens' life can be full of fun as much as it can be full of temptations, confusion, peer pressure etc. So one can start using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs because one finds that these vices are taking away their lack of confidence or because by doing it, they are being accepted by their so called friends ( I mean, what kind of friend is that when he/she is making you do things that are well known to be bad just to get their attention??) One other common reason is that they are trying to escape of their problems, thinking that if they get drunk, they will drown their problems, their sorrow in alcohol and everything will be solved. If they only knew how wrong they are. Alcohol is the most common vice teens are using. But alcohol won't solve their problems. It will just give them additional ones. It's scientifically proved that consuming alcohol, even in small amounts, can have permament concequences. For example, drinking alcohol is killing your brain cells which results in decreasing your IQ, increasing the amount of time needed to learn or remember something, increasing the amount of car accidents because it slows your reactions and reflexes which are also controlled by your mind. Another vice that is popular among teens are cigarette smoking. One begins cigarette smoking because it has a great influence on ones mind and one believes that it can speed up their metabolism. But it's a lie. It only makes damage to ones lungs and reduces their chances of having longer life. But what can we do about it? First, we can try to influence on the people who are close to us, try to get them free of these killers. Because they do kill and there's no doubt in that. Parents should also set an example by not smoking or drinking and they should explain to their teens how much wrong is smoking and...
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