Viceroy Cigarettes

Topics: Cigarette, Golf, Smoking Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: September 23, 2012
This advertisement is for Viceroy cigarettes and appeared in an August 1963 edition of Life magazine. Life’s target audience is adults in their twenties and thirties. The ads audience is both male and females of this age group. The product that the ad is promoting is a filter tip cigarette and makes an argument that if you smoke this cigarette you’ll be happy and popular. This typical 1960’s cigarette ad glamorizes a dangerous and addictive habit.

The headline for the ad is in bold white text and claims that “Viceroy’s got the taste that’s right! not too strong…not too light. Viceroy’s got-the taste that’s right!” The bottom left hand corner of the ad printed in small white text suggest that if you smoke all seven filter brands of Viceroy’s you’ll agree “some taste as if they had no filter at all…others filter the fun and flavor out of smoking. But Viceroy tastes the way you’d like a filter cigarette to taste!” The subjects for this ad are a group of four on a golf course who have just finished a round of golf. The setting is a lush green gold course with a pond and two men joyfully driving away on a golf cart. Both men appear to be happy and they are each holding a Viceroy cigarette in their hand as they wave happily at the couple they just played a round of golf with. The couple, male and female, is walking away each holding golf clubs, and again, with a Viceroy cigarette in hand sharing a laugh and talking about the great game of golf they just played. Pictured next to the couple is an open pack of Viceroy filter tip cigarettes
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