Vice Presidential Debate 2012

Topics: Osama bin Laden, Joe Biden, George W. Bush Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Alex Chicas
Steven Holmes
POLS B1 T/R 8:00 A.M
October 11, 2012

Vice Presidential 2012 Debate
In the beginning the guest speaker introduced both candidates Vice President Joe Biden and Congress man Paul Ryan. The guest speaker is going to ask both candidates on the situation in Libya and a bit of their opinion of Libya and Iraq terrorist act against Vice President Joe Biden went first, and said that he will find and bring to justice the men who attacked the 3 American embassies. Talked about the national security of the nation, also talked about the issues of Iraq, he also talked about ending the war on 2014.he also said when it came to Osama bin laden, he was first priority. He also said Mitt Romney’s Priority wasn't bin-laden, also said about how the war is more than just killing bin laden, but restoring America’s heart, and letting the terrorist know that if you do harm to America, America will track you down all the way to the gates of hell. then he proceed on talking how the president doing in office, and governor Romney wants war.

It was Paul Ryan's turn, he proceed on talking about the Libya terrorist attack against the 3 American embassies. Paul defensively responded, the president took 2 weeks to acknowledge it was a terrorist attack. Then asked why the ambassador of France was armed but not the 3 ambassadors from Benghazi. Paul mentioned the vice president was put in charged in those negotiations to establish an agreement and failed to do so. Paul mentioned that the Obama foreign policy putting America at risk. Biden cuts Paul and says he is inaccurate in the embassy security peace. He also said Paul made 300 million cut. Biden says Obama brought the world closer even Russia and China closer and improved. Biden Defensively says that his information was told by the CIA, then successfully backs up by saying they weren’t told by the CIA later on. Paul counter argues that the backup request was denied.

The guest speaker asked about the Romney...
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