Vice President Joe Biden

Topics: Vice President of the United States, Democratic Party, Joe Biden Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Myia Sullivan

The demographics this argument targets the any law-abiding citizen who is able to vote especially those who voted for Obama and Democrat party. Tom Purcell is column writer known for his ability to write humor that builds rapport with his readers. He approaches issues with common sense that always have a thoughtful underlying point whether it be from real life story telling or politics. His intend was to bring hindful information he thought was very important in regards to a person who publicizes to the media about running for president but doesn’t pose as a good candidate. At the beginning of the column Tom (2013) cleary states, “Maybe he’s just what America needs. Then again, maybe not”, showing distinctively disagrees with something the vice president is doing. Secondly in the column he compares the vice president to other presidents and how they use humor.

The actual event took place at a party for the President’s second inauguration were Vice President Joe Biden unintentionally promoted himself telling a group of people from Iowa he was proud to be president of United States. When he tried to correct himself, the crowd began laughing and applauding. Biden ended up chuckling to himself. As stated by Pittsburgh columnist Tom Purcell, “he is “intoxicated” by his own thoughts of being the inaugurated President in 2017”(Purcell, 2013). Running for President isn’t something new for Biden he tried out for Democrat nomination in 1998 and 2008 but ended up dropping out early.

The purpose of this visual argument is to bring attention to the public’s eye that Vice President Joe Biden has a good chance of becoming our new president in 2016 but some view him as not a good prospect due to his comical humor. According to USATODAY Michael Dimock comments:

And all the jokes about his verbal gaffes may contribute to a perception that he's not a serious person, It's not an "unrecoverable" situation, but turning around public opinion could be...
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