Vibrio Natriegen's Generation Time

Topics: Bacterial growth, Bacteria, Bacterial cell structure Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Title: Vibrio natriegens’s generation time and optimal growth environment using a Closed-Growth System. Abstract: The objective of this experiment is to find out what the optimal growth environment is for V. natriegens out of three different environments. The first is a Brain Heart Infusion broth (BHI) that contains 50 mM of NaCl. The second is BHI containing 250 mM of NaCl. The third is BHI containing 1000 mM NaCl. In order to obtain this, a growth curve graph must be constructed for each different environment, and the generation time of the bacteria in each environment must be calculated. The optimal environment for V. natriegens was found to be the BHI with 250 mM of NaCl. Introduction: The type environment that bacteria live in is essential to their growth. In order to establish what environment for V. natriegens is optimal, the generation time of the bacteria under several different environments, must be obtained. The type of system used for this experiment was a closed-growth system. A closed-growth system is a type of environment where there is no interaction with the outside environment. Nutrients are not added to the environment and the waste products are not removed. The advantage of growing bacteria in a closed system is that the four different phases of growth are able to be observed. The four phases are growth include the following: Lag Phase- bacteria adjust to environment, no growth observed; Log Phase- bacteria have adjusted to environment and being growing; Stationary Phase- nutrients in the environment have begun to run out and waste has begun to accrue. The environment is being to be unfavorable and the growth rate of the bacteria begins to equal the death rate of the bacteria; Death Phase- All the nutrients have been consumed and the waste is turning toxic, the bacteria begin to die. By observing these phases, scientists are able to construct a graph that illustrates these phases, called a bacterial growth curve. Scientists are...
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