Vibration Analysis Procedure

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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A vibratory system is a dynamic one for which the variables such as the excitations (inputs) and responses (outputs) are time dependent. The response of a vibrating system generally depends on the initial conditions as well as the external excitations. Most practical vibrating systems are very complex, and it is impossible to consider all the details for a mathematical analysis. Only the most important features are considered in the analysis to predict the behavior of the system under specified input conditions. Often the overall behavior of the system can be determined by considering even a simple model of the complex physical system. Thus the analysis of a vibrating system usually involves mathematical modeling, derivation of the governing equations, solution of the equations, and interpretation of the results.

Mathematical Modeling. The purpose of mathematical modeling is to represent all the important features of the system for the purpose of deriving the mathematical (or analytical) equations governing the system s behavior. The mathematical model should include enough details to allow describing the system in terms of equations without making it too complex. The mathematical model may be linear or nonlinear, depending on the behavior of the system s components. Linear models permit quick solutions and are simple to handle; however, nonlinear models sometimes reveal certain characteristics of the system that cannot be predicted using linear models. Thus a great deal of engineering judgment is needed to come up with a suitable mathematical model of a vibrating system.

Derivation of Governing Equations. Once the mathematical model is available, we use the principles of dynamics and derive the equations that describe the vibration of the system. The equations of motion can be derived conveniently by drawing the free-body diagrams of all the masses involved. The free-body diagram of a mass can be obtained by isolating...
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