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Topics: Religion, Truth, Belief Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: January 2, 2013
11 December 2008

Abortion has been a controversial topic in the U.S. for a long time. There are people always debating whether it is right or wrong. There are many different “truths” in this topic, for religion, a person’s upbringing, and personal experience come into play. I personally do not know what is true and what is not because of what I have been told all my life about how abortion is bad. The importance of this topic to me and the many versions of the truth and my life depending on what I choose to believe. Abortion is an important subject to not only me, but almost everyone else. Not only is it an important discussion, it is a meaningful one. Many people, including myself, do not usually like to talk about abortion because it might stir up an argument and cause people to be offended. It can also make the atmosphere very tense. This topic is also important to me because I have may relatives who are Christians and they follow the Bible word for word and they pass what they believe to me. That caused me to believe that abortion is not the right decision. Now that I am mature enough to understand exactly what abortion is and why some women have it done, I am constantly questioning myself, “Is it right?” or “Is it wrong?” There are many opinions of whether or not abortion is right. People believe in different versions of the “truth”. There are people who believe it’s only okay to have an abortion in cases of rape or if the mother is experiencing medical problems that could harm her if she carries the baby to term. Then there are people who think it’s wrong to kill a baby no matter the situation. Religious groups are usually the ones who are on that side of the argument. One of the other main opinions people have is when they believe it is up to the mother of the child to decide what she will do with her baby. In my personal opinion, I believe abortion should be decided upon the mother and no one else. People are going to argue against an...
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